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A R T I S T ' S    S T A T E M E N T


“even water under the bridge carries silt”


My artistic practice focuses on the delineation of physical and psychical space. Memories, both collective and particular sets of experiences, create associations with and enable interpretations of colours, materials, subjects, and forms of art. Memory creates the space in which one lives, and the way in which one might choose to define that.

Consequently, the metaphorical or symbolic baggage that is attached to modes and materials of representation, or delineation of ideas is crucial to the way in which I approach any projection of thought. I  choose particular media for particular reasons, according to the process of the projects, the relevancy to scale, colour, texture, etc.

In dealing with ideas about territory, emotional or physical, a dialectic emerges, and it creates an underlying tension throughout most of my work. That is the peculiar relationship between values surrounding domesticity, and those of war, and the way in which the precarious balance of these oppositional values contribute to one’s sense of being in the world.

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